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About Us

David-Link is part of NIBO Corporation.

NIBO has been one of the leading Manufacturer of Office equipment, specializing in Time and Attendance System and Door Access Control since 1989. With 2 factories based in China, we also have branch offices in Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, India, and the United States of America that provide solutions to the workplace with strong local after-sales support.

Over the last 5 years, our Research and Development team has integrated the advantages of traditional time recorders with advanced Biometric technology. We have successfully developed the technology of replacing time cards with individual fingerprint scanning, and manual calculations with computerised time-saving management software.

With our success in the industry and increasing demand for our products and services, NIBO has entered the next stage in the U.S. market and is now doing business as David-Link, promoting our well-developed integration of biometirc terminals with time management software in order to better solve businesses’ HR and security problems.

David-Link also targets the wholesale and OEM/ODM market with quality products at competitive prices direct from our manufacturing plants. Along with the advantages in prices and quality, David- Link also offers customization of products and software that best meets the individual business needs. Because we understand every business likes to sell its own unique products, please visit our Partnership Page to find out what we can offer in terms of manufacturing products with your own branding, and with prices and minimum order quantity that give you no pressure. Make your dream come true!

Our Corporate philosophy is to provide the most cost-effective office solution to the modern corporation by leveraging on our key strengths in manufacturing and R&D.