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David-Link delivers advanced security within reasonable budget. The 'no touch' Recon 1 is a stand-alone / network door access control system employing the latest facial recognition technology. Integrated with Intel® processor and two (2) 3-dimension infrared cameras, the system detects and recognizes in less than 1 second even under ambient lighting. Passcode option is also available in backup verification.
Model FD-777
User Capacity 500 Users
Logs Capacity 50,000 logs
CPU Intel PXA255
Camera Resolution 2 x 1.3 Mega Pixels
Motion Detection Infrared
Output TCP/IP, USB
Light 6 x Infrared LEDs
Power 12v DC
LCD Size 3.5'' TFT
Keyboard Touchpad Keyboard
Capture Time <0.4s
Match Time <0.01s
Capture Distance 15 - 20 inches
FAR <0.01%
FRR <1%
Camera Tilt Angle +/-15 Degree
Signal Output NC/NO, Weigand 26
Operating Temperature -5°F to -122°F