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Product Code: CW-1800

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  • Touching the Clear(C) key deletes the whole data
  • Emboss printing to avoid fraudulence
  • Same amount can be printed out repeatedly
  • Touching the (CL) key deletes the Total Printed Checks and Total amount printed stored in the memory
  • 'BACKSPACE' key in correcting for entered figures or to delete the last figure
  • Currency mark, comma, decimal point and end mark are automatically printed
  • With memory (M/C) key shows the Total Printed Checks and Total Amount Printed
  • With Calculator and the result can be printed out immediately
  • With paper depth adjuster
  • Manual clamping of checks
  • Heavy Duty

Currency Symbols

Code-0 SGD
Code-1 HKD
Code-2 USD
Code-3 GBP
Code-4 EUR
Code-5 RMB
Code-6 JPY
Code-7 CHF
Code-8 DKK
Code-9 THB
Code-11 RP
Code-12 RM DAN SEN
Code-13 RM
Code-14 RM DAN00SEN
Code-15 NT$
Model CW-1800
Currency codes Built in 16 Currency symbols
Display and Printing 14 digits
Power Voltage AC220v / 50-60Hz
Power Consumption 3.5w (20w when printing)
Printing Speed Approx. 8.5 secs. to print the full amt.
Dimension 9.5L x 7.1W x 4.3H inches
Weight 2.2kg
Calculator Yes